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Calian Chambers

I have two great loves in my life— my love for my Creator and my love for those He has created. As I have pursued the Lord, He has granted my petition for eyes to see things the way that He does. In small ways, I catch glimpses of His work all around me, and in big ways, I am constantly reminded of His character in what He has made. My deeply-rooted desire to create stems from my Father’s very nature and the Imago Dei in me. I seek to be my Lord’s co-worker as He turns things upside down all around us.

I believe my photography style is heavily influenced by my passionate pursuit of God’s plan and purpose. I see my surroundings in a new way, and desire to bring glory to God through my art. I am drawn to all sorts of images, from wind-torn trees in the winter to harsh sunlight casting shadows on brick, and believe each scene has a new capacity to tell a story. I find myself taking pictures of old, run-down, and falling apart things, as I know the Lord is able to do a new thing even where the world is unable to witness it. I find myself praying frequently that my eyes would be opened to what is right in front of me, my ears attuned to His whisper and to the cries of the hurting, my mouth given the words to speak in love and truth, my hands strengthened to take up my cross, my feet equipped to follow Him, and my focus on the inbreaking kingdom. Photography is one way I have the privilege of witnessing God’s glory around me and participating with Him in the redemption and restoration of all things.

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